Voice of the Kingston Passenger Ferry

25 10 2010

Welcome Aboard the Spirit of Kingston!

Welcome Aboard the Spirit of Kingston!

With well over a decade of community backing and persistence, the town of Kingston FINALLY attained a nautical transportation link to the downtown core of Seattle…. and from the looks of it, it has a great chance of staying afloat!

With such strong community involvement in the makings of the ferry that we now see today, I, along with Linda Fyfe, were very proud and honored when Sound Runner asked us to be the safety announcement “voices” that commuters listen to everyday as they travel to and from work.

Below are the recordings of our first go at this. Ā šŸ™‚

Safety Announcement

Seattle Arrival Announcement

Kingston Arrival Announcement


Check out our 2 minute KITZ Radio Broadcast aboard the Spirit of KingstonĀ 


Kingston Chamber Radio

16 06 2010

It seemed a shame to have our SpinalColumnRadio Podcast Studio sit idle in between episodes, so Dr. Lamar and audio-engineer-son, Logan, teamed up with the Excecutive Director of the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Linda Fyfe, to help record and produce their weekly KITZ radio spots. Ā Heard daily at 10:30 am on the 1400 AM Kitsap County Radio Station (click here for a live stream), Dr. Lamar and Linda Fyfe run down the North End Chamber News in 2 minutes flat. Ā The broadcast is also blasted out in the Kingston Chamber Email Update and is available on the Kingston Chamber website. Plans to make the broadcast available via podcast through RSS and iTunes are set for the upcoming future.

Dr. Lamar (left) and Linda Fyfe (right) with audio engineer Logan Lamar (middle) in the SpinalColumnRadio Podcast Studio

Below is a sampling of some of some of the broadcasts:






03/15/10 (vintage broadcast)

Keeping Kingston’s Flowers Hydrated

28 07 2009
Gator Plants

Dr. Lamar and son, Clayton, give a thirsty Kingston flower pot a much needed drink on a warm summer Saturday morning.

Reports of “Dr. Lamar Sightings” every other Saturday watering Kingston’s 118 hanging flower pots that adorn the avenues has been confirmed.

The John Deer Gator (or “Alligator” as 3 year-old Clayton calls it) easily delivers the nearly 150 gallons of water needed to complete the job.

Dr. Lamar is one of many that regularly lends a hand to Kingston’s Downtown Association to keep the community’s flowers from wilting.

“The best part of this volunteer work,” Dr. Lamar admits, “besides being able to drive the Gator, is spending the nearly 2 hours of devoted ‘seat time’ with one of my kids as copilot.Ā  They all look forward to their scheduled rotation!”

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