Voice of the Kingston Passenger Ferry

25 10 2010

Welcome Aboard the Spirit of Kingston!

Welcome Aboard the Spirit of Kingston!

With well over a decade of community backing and persistence, the town of Kingston FINALLY attained a nautical transportation link to the downtown core of Seattle…. and from the looks of it, it has a great chance of staying afloat!

With such strong community involvement in the makings of the ferry that we now see today, I, along with Linda Fyfe, were very proud and honored when Sound Runner asked us to be the safety announcement “voices” that commuters listen to everyday as they travel to and from work.

Below are the recordings of our first go at this.  🙂

Safety Announcement

Seattle Arrival Announcement

Kingston Arrival Announcement


Check out our 2 minute KITZ Radio Broadcast aboard the Spirit of Kingston 


Kingston Chamber Radio

16 06 2010

It seemed a shame to have our SpinalColumnRadio Podcast Studio sit idle in between episodes, so Dr. Lamar and audio-engineer-son, Logan, teamed up with the Excecutive Director of the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Linda Fyfe, to help record and produce their weekly KITZ radio spots.  Heard daily at 10:30 am on the 1400 AM Kitsap County Radio Station (click here for a live stream), Dr. Lamar and Linda Fyfe run down the North End Chamber News in 2 minutes flat.  The broadcast is also blasted out in the Kingston Chamber Email Update and is available on the Kingston Chamber website. Plans to make the broadcast available via podcast through RSS and iTunes are set for the upcoming future.

Dr. Lamar (left) and Linda Fyfe (right) with audio engineer Logan Lamar (middle) in the SpinalColumnRadio Podcast Studio

Below is a sampling of some of some of the broadcasts:






03/15/10 (vintage broadcast)

Kites Over Kingston A Hit!

19 04 2010

They say that the “Third Time’s a Charm.” And so it was for the 3rd Annual Kites Over Kingston that took place on April 10, 2010.  We had lots of kids, lots of kites, hot dogs, kite making, popcorn, live brass band music, sun, fun, and, of course, wind.  I was the emcee and my kids helped at the kite making table. Good ol’ Hometown Kingston Fun!

Special Thanks to my Co-chair Susan Rodgers of Design Connection for doing the majority of the “behind the scene work.” Thank you to Connie at Kingston Quilt Shop for making our wonderful Kite awards… as well as Nick over at Pizza Factory for supplying us with more straws than we needed for our Kite Making Station, and the free Mini Pizzas for our award winners.  Also thank you to our judges — Sally Christy, Rick Lanning, and Sharon Nuss.  Oh, and then there’s Pete DeBoer for allowing us the use of his personal PA system.

Kites Over Kingston is sponsored by the Events Committee of your Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

Check out the slide show below.  It’s like you were there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ribbon Cutting: Grub Hut

13 03 2009

Had the chance to oil up the Giant Scissors and step back into my old role as Chamber Ribbon Cutter to welcome Sean Pickard’s new restaurant to Kingston.


Kingston — The Kingston Chamber of Commerce entourage dropped by The Grub Hut recently to officially welcome the town’s newest eating establishment with one of its classic ribbon cuttings.  The Grub Hut, owned and operated by Sean Pickard, offers its patrons an “ultra, super-causal, family friendly” place to eat — all amidst a tropical island ambiance.  The menu boasts an array of burgers, from the simple to the gourmet.  Also on the menu are chicken and veggie burgers, shakes, salads, and snacks — all made with fresh ingredients.  The restaurant is located in Kingston on Highway 104 directly across from the Blue Water Inn.  Pickard’s Grub Hut is open everyday for lunch and dinner, and call-in orders are welcome at (360) 881-0147.


Swooned by the scrumptious offerings on The Grub Hut menu, Kingston Chamber of Commerce past president Tom Lamar, chamber ambassador John Johnson and wife, Rachel, and chamber member Ann Manning, let restaurant owner Sean Pickard operate the giant scissors on his own for the official ribbon cutting as they decide what to order.

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