Logan Takes 1st Place at Hansville Pinewood Derby

5 02 2011


Logan's Podcast NASCAR, with prime sponsor SpinalColumnRadio.com, takes first place at the GHCC Pinewood Derby

Fueled with “The Power of the Podcast,” Logan Lamar took first place at the 2011 Greater Hansville Community Center Pinewood Derby.  In NASCAR fashion, Logan’s racer was stickered up with the six different podcasts that Dad (Dr. Lamar) currently produces — with the flagship podcast, SpinalColumnRadio, prominently positioned for all to see. And to top it off, Logan wore appropriate attire.

Acting as audio-engineer, Logan helps Dad produce their smorgasbord of podcasts for the community and beyond: Spinal Column Radio, Spine BitesService Above Self Radio, Kingston Chamber Podcast, A Happy Home Podcast, and Scandia Bible Church Podcast.

In addition to Logan’s win, younger brother Clayton’s “Podcast Truck” smoked competition and took second place in an extremely close battle for first.

Good Job Boys!…. and thanks for letting us sponsor you.  😉


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