Voice of the Kingston Passenger Ferry

25 10 2010

Welcome Aboard the Spirit of Kingston!

Welcome Aboard the Spirit of Kingston!

With well over a decade of community backing and persistence, the town of Kingston FINALLY attained a nautical transportation link to the downtown core of Seattle…. and from the looks of it, it has a great chance of staying afloat!

With such strong community involvement in the makings of the ferry that we now see today, I, along with Linda Fyfe, were very proud and honored when Sound Runner asked us to be the safety announcement “voices” that commuters listen to everyday as they travel to and from work.

Below are the recordings of our first go at this. Ā šŸ™‚

Safety Announcement

Seattle Arrival Announcement

Kingston Arrival Announcement


Check out our 2 minute KITZ Radio Broadcast aboard the Spirit of KingstonĀ 


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