Paige Lamar “Slugs” Her Way to the Top with a Rhyme!

8 08 2009


Paige the Slug

Paige the Slug!

Congratulations to Dr. Lamar’s eldest daughter, Paige, whose slug poetry won her top prize at  Kingston Art Gallery’s 2009 Slug inFESTation!  The slug poetry contest was just one aspect of the Art Gallery’s clever, economic-boosting-community-event.  Over 100 hand-made and decorated ceramic slugs were hidden in and about the businesses of our “Little City by the Sea.”  “Slug Hunters” had to be properly licensed — of course — in order to embark on the capture one of these unique works of art, and the businesses that harbored them had to pay for the privilege too.  [Probably the only time anyone would actually want to “pay” to have a slug]. Hunters were issued a map of where to look and were set loose on the the town for the August 8th Slug Hunting Season.

[Let’s see… a bunch of people milling around Kingston, visiting businesses that perhaps they’ve never stepped foot into before — let alone knew existed.  That’s what I call a “Slug Stimulus Package!” 🙂 ]

Paige reads poem

Paige reads her poem at the "After Hunting Party" held at the Kingston Art Gallery to a crowd of slug enthusiasts.

The day of “hunting” ended at the Kingston Art Gallery for an “After Hunting Party” of sorts where hunters had their slugs signed by the artists, pictures taken with their catch, and official  inFESTation “slug gear” picked up for their wardrobe.  A Slug Silent Auction [last time I checked, most slugs are silent] also took place in which some of the more ornate and artistic slugs were put on the block to help raise money for the Gallery.

As part of the festivities, a call was put out to our town’s children to create “Slug Poetry.”…. And well, that’s where our Paige comes in.  As the winner of the poetry contest, which was judged by the editors of Crab Creek Review Literary Journal, Paige received an award and was asked to read her poem at the “After Hunting Party” held at the Kingston Art Gallery.  Well Done Paige!

And the rest, as they say, is just a trail of slime………

Slug poem


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