Keeping Kingston’s Flowers Hydrated

28 07 2009
Gator Plants

Dr. Lamar and son, Clayton, give a thirsty Kingston flower pot a much needed drink on a warm summer Saturday morning.

Reports of “Dr. Lamar Sightings” every other Saturday watering Kingston’s 118 hanging flower pots that adorn the avenues has been confirmed.

The John Deer Gator (or “Alligator” as 3 year-old Clayton calls it) easily delivers the nearly 150 gallons of water needed to complete the job.

Dr. Lamar is one of many that regularly lends a hand to Kingston’s Downtown Association to keep the community’s flowers from wilting.

“The best part of this volunteer work,” Dr. Lamar admits, “besides being able to drive the Gator, is spending the nearly 2 hours of devoted ‘seat time’ with one of my kids as copilot.  They all look forward to their scheduled rotation!”




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