Kites Over Kingston…Rain or Shine

2 04 2009


The March 28th Event was billed out as “Rain or Shine” — we played the rain version.


Cold. Wet. Rainy. And No Wind.

It was cold. It was wet. It was raining.  And the flags stood completely motionless….A minor deterrent for Northwestern folk though, because at least 100 people showed up to enjoy the festivities.

Some came to sample the popcorn and cotton candy.  Others showed to march in the Kite Parade, and then make their own kites out of the simple materials of paper, drinking straws, and ribbon.  Some took the time to have a tasty lunch from the brave food vendors that showed.  For some, it was the fun, Americana sounds of  the Home Town Band that drew them.

Dr. Lamar, Master of Ceremonies, along with youngest son, Clayton.

Dr. Lamar, Master of Ceremonies, along with youngest son, Clayton: “It’s another two hours of kite-flying in cold, wet weather and no wind. So stick around; there’s more fun to come!”

Kite Superstar, Ray Bethell, helps my son Logan get his kite in the air.

Kite Superstar, Ray Bethell, helps my son Logan get his kite in the air.

But, perhaps, the reason most showed was to welcome 80-something, world champion kite flyer, Ray Bethell to our town of Kingston.  Yes, it was somewhat disappointing that the conditions were such that he could not show us his skills,  but having him there was quite the experience.  If you check out his website,, you’ll note on his calendar that right after his Kingston appearance, he has engagements in France and Italy to demonstrate his kite talent.  So, for him to stop by Kingston was quite a treat.  Even though he didn’t fly, some of the children were able to get their kites up later in the afternoon, and he was right by their sides coaching them.  My son Logan got a 10 minute hands-on tutorial with the champ, something that I am sure he will tell his kids about one day.  All in all the event was a sucess and we are sure to look back on it when planning for next year.  I later learned that several young kite flyers were spotted the next day at Mike Wallace Park, enjoying the beautiful sunny, windy, dry day.  Knowing that our event was a catalyst for family fun, makes it all worth while.


Umbrellas and Kites…only in Washington.


Hats off to my co-chair, Susan Rodgers, of Cleo’s Landing for orchestrating the many nuts and bolts of this event.
Also, special thanks to Connie Simila of Kingston Quilt Shop for hand-making our wonderful kite awards, Kingston Lumber for their donation of the paint sticks we used to make our streamer give-a-ways, and The Pizza Factory for their donation of the drinking straws for our kite making station.

Some Pictures of the Day:


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